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Tetra Tetra Quick Dip 5-N-1 Test Strips

Tetra Quick Dip 5-N-1 Test Strips

Free Shipping at $150

Maintaining a healthy, safe aquarium environment for your fish is important, and regularly testing your water levels in the aquarium is critical to success. EasyStrips are a perfect solution. By quickly testing for all water quality issues in your aquarium water, EasyStrips provide accurate results with minimal effort, and have the most advanced technology in water testing because they're designed from the same medical and scientific laboratory technology. A healthy aquatic environment starts with clean water, so be sure to use EasyStrips to promote a vibrant aquarium. This kit is one of the most advanced kits that Tetra makes. It includes 25 of the Tetra 5 in 1 EasyStrips to test for pH, alkalinity (KH), water hardness (GH) and nitrate. You will get the most out of this kit to make sure you have the healthiest aquarium around. The Tetra test strips provide accurate results and help you treat your aquarium effectively.

  • Easy way to test water quality
  • A single strip measures ph, alkalinity, water hardness and nitrate levels
  • Easily compare the the colors on your strips to the color chards on the bottle
  • Help to promote a healthy and vibrant aquarium

Instructions: Remove One Test Strip from Bottle and Replace Cap Tightly. Hold Strip At End With No Pads. Drip Strip (All Pads) Into Aquarium Water and Remove Immediately. Do Not Shake Excess Water from Strip. Hold Strip Level to Allow Colors to Develop. At 30 Seconds, Compare Ph, Alkalinity, Hardness and Nitrite Pads to Color Charts Underneath Bottle Label. At 60 Seconds, Compare Nitrate Pad to Color Charts Provided. Record Results and Dispose of Test Strip. Keep Cap On Tight Between Uses. Store At Room Temperature. Do Not Expose to Moisture. Do Not Remove Drying Agent from Bottle As Test Results May Not Be Accurate Over Time.

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