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Zoo Med Zoo Med Moonlight Reptile Bulb

Zoo Med Moonlight Reptile Bulb

Free Shipping at $150
  • Zoo Med's Moonlite Reptile Bulb is the perfect bulb for viewing and heating nocturnal reptiles and amphibians.
  • The bulb provides moonlight lighting so it doesn't interfere with your animal's sleeping patterns.
  • It is made of a true deep blue glass (not painted or coated) for better heat transfer.
  • Economical moonlight heat source provides beneficial UVA rays for the psychological health of reptile and amphibian species.
Price:$3.47 to $4.52
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Color & Quantity

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25 Watts
Barcode: 097612391022
Status:In Stock
Sku: ZM39102
Id: 48551

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40 Watts
Barcode: 097612391046
Status:In Stock
Sku: ZM39104
Id: 48554

Save 50%
60 Watts
Barcode: 097612391060
Status:This item is temporarily out of stock.
Sku: ZM39106
Id: 48557

Save 50%
100 Watts
Barcode: 097612391107
Status:In Stock
Sku: ZM39110
Id: 48560

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