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Acurel Acurel F Aquarium Clarifier

Acurel F Aquarium Clarifier

Free Shipping at $150
  • Fast-acting and easy to use, Acurel F clears cloudy, green or polluted water within hours of application.
  • It combats the harmful effects of overfeeding and improves filter efficiency, resulting in a crystal clear environment for your fish.
  • Safe and effective, it will not disturb the beneficial bacteria in biological filtration systems of healthy established aquariums.
  • Acurel F is MADE IN THE U.S.A. with organic extracts from renewable resources.
  • It is safe for all freshwater fish and plants, and environmentally friendly.
Price:$2.53 to $4.09
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Barcode: 842982000056
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Sku: PC00005
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Barcode: 842982000063
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Sku: PC00006
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