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Zoo Med Zoo Med Turtletherm Automatic Preset Aquatic Turtle Heater

Zoo Med Turtletherm Automatic Preset Aquatic Turtle Heater

The Zoo Med Turtletherm Automatic Preset Aquatic Turtle Heater is fully submersible and simple to use, with a preset thermostat that keeps your turtles habitat at a safe and comfortable 78°F. Mount it in seconds with included suction cups, plug it in, and you're done!

  • Preset thermostat keeps water safe and comfortable at 78°F
  • Fully submersible with digital temperature display and suction cup mounting
  • Keeps aquatic turtles healthy and happy
  • Helps prevent appetite loss due to cold water

The Turtletherm is great for Red Eared Sliders, African Sidenecks, Musk, Mud, Painted, Map, Diamondback Terrapin, and a variety of other aquatic turtles.

Note: Fully submerge heater in water before plugging heater into electrical outlet. Safety shut-off activated if removed from water.

Price:$14.44 to $25.30
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Color & Quantity

Save 48%
50 Watt (Up to 15 Gallons)
Barcode: 097612303506
Status:In Stock
Sku: ZM30350
Id: 75074

Save 53%
100 Watt (Up to 30 Gallons)
Barcode: 097612303513
Status:In Stock
Sku: ZM30351
Id: 75075

Save 50%
150 Watt (Up to 50 Gallons)
Barcode: 097612303520
Status:This item is temporarily out of stock.
Sku: ZM30352
Id: 82348

Save 53%
300 Watt (Up to 100 Gallons)
Barcode: 097612303537
Status:In Stock
Sku: ZM30353
Id: 82351

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